Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind this project?

We're a bunch of web geeks who have teamed up in The Ride to Conquer Cancer, benefiting the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. It’s a cycling journey over two days throughout Victoria's countryside. View a photo of the entire team.

What is a whiteboard animation?

A whiteboard animation (also known as an explainer video, sketch video, speed-draw, or videoscribe) is a format for communicating information by combining animated illustration with a voiceover. The combination of hearing an audio track while seeing the concepts come to life in time with the narration creates a powerful medium for communicating information, and is particularly well suited for content that may be otherwise difficult to understand. But mostly, they're just fun to watch. The format is pretty popular at the moment—I’m sure you’ve seen more and more of these videos popping up lately. Read about the process we'll be following to make this video.

How much does it cost to purchase a sponsored spot?

The cost of a sponsored spot in our whiteboard animation is $1,000. You can donate to any of the team members here

How can I trust that you'll pass my money on to the charity?

We don't actually take your money—we ask that you donate directly to the Ride To Conquer Cancer, which is the largest fundraising event in Australia. To purchase a sponsored spot in our video, your $1,000 donation must go to one of the five team members for this project (we'll be notified when your donation is received).

What format will my logo take in the video?

Your logo will be sketched onto a piece of card, and physically placed on the paper during the filming of our video. It will appear in the background while the story is being told, drawn onto a sign post that appears to be sticking out of the ground. It won't form a core part of the story or the narrative, but it will be very visible as the story unfolds.

How long will my logo be seen in the video?

We guarantee that your logo will be visible for a minimum of 3 seconds while the camera is zoomed up close. At the end of the video, the camera will zoom out to reveal the entire illustration, and your logo will also be visible then (but won't be as large on screen as the first time).

How many views will the video receive?

We can't promise you any minimum number of views, unfortunately. From that perspective, we acknowledge that as a purely advertising ROI, there is an element of risk here. There's a chance it will flop, or perhaps it will break records. Who knows? We're quietly optimistic, and are counting on the uniqueness of the idea and the extensive network we'll be leveraging to help get the word out to ensure that it is viewed by as many people as possible.

What order will my logo appear in the video?

Logos will appear in the video on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What else do I receive if I purchase a sponsored spot?

If you purchase a sponsored spot, then in addition to having your logo appear in the video, you'll receive:

  1. a thank-you message on Twitter
  2. your logo on the site, with a link to your website
  3. a link to your website in the description field of the video on YouTube
  4. our eternal gratitude
  5. the warm fuzzy feeling that your donation has contributed to help vital cancer research
  6. good karma from everyone who sees your public support of this project

I can't afford to buy a sponsored spot, but I like this idea and still want to support it.
What are my options?

You can still help us, by:

  1. sharing with your friends, family and colleagues. Post a link on your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts. The more visibility this project has, the more likely it is to succeed
  2. making a smaller donation to one of the team

When will the final video be available?

We plan on shooting the video some time in October, and editing and publishing it some time in November.